Building Pads

Build with Confidence on BC Land Development Building Pads.

Preparing the Land for Custom Homes

We take your empty lot and turn it into the spot you want to build a custom home. Our professional team clears all of the debris, vegetation, and unwanted soils to over-excavate and add moisture for proper compaction during building pad construction. 

Building Pads Built to Last a Lifetime

One of the most important steps in erecting a home or any other type of structure is establishing the building pad. Building pads are placed in the area where future buildings, structures, graded areas and accessory uses are to be constructed. 

At BC Land Development, we go above and beyond. We raise the elevation of the building pad with onsite or imported soil to avoid any future risk of flooding. We also plan for: 

  • Accessibility
  • The condition of the subsurface
  • The magnitude of the load being transferred
  • The proximity of other structures

Types of Pad Foundation

Your dream home is important and we want it to last for a lifetime. We strive to give you the best experience

and best service possible by offering various types of pad foundations. 

Plain Concrete

These pad foundations are used for lighter loads and don’t incorporate reinforcement. This is the most economical option.

Reinforced Concrete

The additional reinforcement allows for wide and shallow pad foundations that reduce the thickness of the foundation.

Combined Column Foundations

Two pad foundations are merged into a longer one. This type is most often used when an outer column is close to a site boundary or wall.

Continuous Pad

This is when various pad foundations are put together to support closely spaced columns.

Pad and Ground Beam

Pad and Ground Beams are similar to a continuous pad, but the ground beams connect the isolated pads.

Why Are Building Pads Necessary?

Every great building starts with an excellent building pad. 

If your project doesn’t have a strong surface to start on, then it will have a shaky future. Any mistakes during the building pad process could lead to sinking foundations and drainage issues that can put your entire project at risk. 

It all comes down to your soil: everything from how loose the soil is and how much water it can absorb affects the stability of your future build. 

To prevent problems, BC Land Development analyzes the soil at the building pad site, and then fills, grades, and compacts it to increase stability, and thus decrease the risk of structural damage. 

Other Land Development Services

You will never have to worry about managing contractors; everything is handled by our team, from start to finish. From excavation to drainage and land grading, our team guarantees professional and reliable service. When you work with us, you’ll be confident that your land will be ready for construction!

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Land Grading

Our A+ land grading services ensure your land is ready to support any residential builds. 

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Wash Relocation

The proper drainage is essential for residential builds. Our team relocates washes so you never have to worry about flooding. 

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From removing topsoil to clearing areas for driveways and access roads, our team does it all.